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Georgian Dream divided the country into “friends” and “strangers”

Georgian Dream divided the country into “friends” and “strangers”

December 11 will go down in the history of the Georgian state as one of the most difficult days. After 30 years of independence, we have a one-party parliament in the country, which is the model of Russian rule, and this is very dangerous. “Georgian Dream” and its leader divided the country into “friends” and “strangers”. Moreover, most of the country’s population is among the “strangers”. International partners cannot ignore this and are trying to find at least some form of cooperation between political forces.

A country so badly in need of development is declining literally before our eyes. Obviously, this will be an unfavorable period for the country, and all types of crises are added to this – economic, social, political, pandemic. Now we are not talking about getting better, just not getting worse.

As for the desire of some oppositionists to enter parliament, I don’t think the voters would vote for two “citizens”, Elisashvili and Ioseliani, to dance to the music of “Georgian Dream”. The fact is that they actually voiced the messages of the ruling party. Time will tell why it is so – whether due to inexperience or deliberately. As for the “republicans”, no one is surprised that they take a “different” position, the opposition is very careful that the “Georgian Dream” could not marginalize it.

Vano Matchavariani , GSAC