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Giorgi Rukhadze: There is still no alternative to early elections

Giorgi Rukhadze: There is still no alternative to early elections

Of course, talk about Ivanishvili’s departure is just talk and still need to be confirmed. However, the very fact that such conversations have appeared testifies to the difficult situation in which Georgian Dream is today. They themselves have brought themselves into a situation from which there is only one way out – early elections. When they are appointed, in what form, whether it will be considered a concession or not – it does not matter. The fact is. that there is no way out of the political impasse without elections. Ivanishvili simply does not want to waste his energy and nerves on solving current problems, especially since he retains power even without formal posts. He, like the boss, told his subordinates – do not bother me with trifles, solve problems yourself, I have a lot to do without it.

In addition, it is clear that hard times await the “Georgian Dream”. You can see the situation with the pandemic yourself, and to this is added the most severe socio-economic crisis, from which there is no way out, and there is no end in sight. In a one-party parliament, international pressure is inevitable. And to all this will be added the fact that the country will again return to informal rule. Do not forget that, apart from internal party problems, one of the reasons for Ivanishvili’s return to public politics was precisely the pressure of our international partners, who did not understand how the country could be governed without bearing any formal responsibility for it. This bears clear signs of authoritarianism /

Ivanishvili can believe as much as he wants that he won, but the fact remains that without new elections we will have a classic authoritarian regime. Rather, he already exists, whether three or five additional deputies from the opposition will enter parliament or not, will not change the overall picture. So all the hope is in our international partners and especially in the Biden administration. Of course, it is fundamentally important for the opposition to have active communication with our Western partners. The opposition must change the support trend of the Dream, especially since there are all conditions for this. Of course, Ivanishvili has his own reality, but even in this reality he is trying to relieve himself of responsibility for what will happen to the country tomorrow as a result of his rule.

As for the political process, after the issue of the presence of the opposition in the new parliament is finally closed, the negotiations will move to a different format. And here pressure from our international partners on the authorities is inevitable. Let me give you the example of Serbia, where President Vucic did not listen to the opinion of the opposition, held elections in covid conditions, and yes won these elections. And then the Europeans demanded that the opposition take part in the elections, but the opposition said no. What happened next? Then President Vucic was forced to announce early elections. So I think the Dream will call early elections anyway. They definitely have no other choice. Any. even a very small reason can be a catalyst
Giorgi Rukhadze, GSAC