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Georgia will definitely grow and develop

Georgia will definitely grow and develop

No wonder they say that making predictions is a thankless task. Who would have thought that after thirteen years I will return to television again, and Times will return to its viewer along with the old presenters and new faces. However, it was much more difficult to imagine what we had to say and show you this year. Who would have thought that after the night of Gavrilov, repeated deception of society and international partners, after the March 8 agreement and many blunders, the Georgian Dream would again hold on to power. And it will not just hold out, but will return us to late Soviet Georgia, and instead of a multi-party parliament and a coalition government, we will again get Georgia of one person. We get catch phrases, flat jokes and ridicule of Irakli Kobakhidze from the one-party parliament, frivolous jokes or ridicule. There was so much in this one-party parliament. For example, there was no minute of silence in memory of the victims of the pandemic. The deputies somehow forgot about it.

But how positively this year began. Thanks to the efforts of our Western partners, “Georgian Dream” backed down and agreed to an agreement on March 8, according to which Georgia switched to an almost proportional election system. Gigi Ugulava and Irakli Okruashvili were released from prison. It seemed to everyone that we were on the right path, but suddenly … Suddenly, a Chinese man appeared who ate the wrong bat and started. Covid-19, the cause of all the troubles of the modern world, turned out to be a lifeline for the Georgian Dream. Since the end of March, Georgia has risen. The borders were closed. Kindergartens, schools and universities were closed. The economy also closed. Locked in their homes, people with longing and anxiety watched from their windows the deserted streets. And the more bravura were the speeches of the authorities, broadcasting about the victory over the covid, the more obvious the disaster was.

The country could only be saved by Ivanishvili, who, riding a white horse, together with three musketeers, defeated the covid, and then performed a victory dance with Bera on the tik-tok social network. This is how we lived until the summer, and if in the spring the authorities prohibited everything, then the summer has already allowed everything. As a result, the number of patients began to grow. First dozens, then hundreds, and then thousands of new and new infections. The hospital sector was on the verge of collapse. There was a critical shortage of places in hospitals; people began to die in ambulances and hospital corridors. But the authorities showed firmness here and did not even discuss the possibility of postponing the elections. After all, the most precious thing for Ivanishvili was at stake – power.

And then came October 31 – election day. Of course, that day there was everything, and bribery of voters, and street punks at the polling stations, and intimidation, and ballot stuffing. Manipulation with protocols was added to the already familiar gentleman’s set, and lo and behold, “Dream” won. The special operation was successful. Under the wise leadership of the head of the Central Executive Committee Tamar Zhvania, from either the sixth or the seventh time in the protocols, everything grew together and a holiday began. And where there is a holiday, there is a mountain feast with wine, barbecue to the sounds of zurna and duduk. But the opposition did not recognize the results of such elections. The response to the “Dreams” holiday was protest actions and an unprecedented unanimity of the opposition on the issue of entering, or rather not entering the parliament elected in this way. Yes, and congratulations from our Western partners “Dream” did not wait.

Just as the death of Cucarachi was forgotten in Tbilisi the next day, the world forgot about the vicissitudes of the Georgian elections. A few days later, much more important elections took place, elections in the United States, and the world forgot about us. There, too, things did not go so smoothly, Trump accused Biden and his supporters of falsifications. As a result, two Georgia in the world demanded a recount of votes. After some time, our Western partners still found time for us and the street protests were replaced by negotiations at the residence of the American ambassador. The first round of negotiations was followed by the second, third, fourth, and now we are waiting for the fifth. The result is zero. Rather, the result is a one-party parliament. As paradoxical as it may sound, our only hope now is US Ambassador Kelly Degnan, who is preparing the fifth round of negotiations with Olympic calmness.

Meanwhile, Georgia is preparing to celebrate the New Year. Meet with a one-party parliament, with an unprecedented level of public debt, a million socially vulnerable people, falling laris, more than 2,400 deaths from covid, football anti-rekorrads and many more failures and defeats. Together with Esebua (the man who robbed a bank in Zugdidi), who sits like Date Tutashkhia sits somewhere in the Megrelian village, drinks wine and thinks about where to invest the half a million dollars so kindly provided to him by the authorities, which will surely be added to the state debt, and then our children will have to pay these bills.

“The age of a tree is calculated by the number of rings displayed on its slice. Sometimes it happens that one of the rings is missing, which indicates that the tree was struggling to survive that year. We also lack many rings, they have fallen out of the history of Georgia for centuries “- these are the words of Bachana Bregvadze, accurately describe our current situation. The outgoing year will be exactly the missing link that we used for physical survival. Georgia will definitely grow and develop!

Giorgi Targamadze, author’s program “Droeba” on the Formula TV channel