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Gone With the Wind. The new old government of Georgia

Gone With the Wind. The new old government of Georgia

picture by Irakli Oragvelidze

We approved the government yesterday. This is neither good nor bad, it is in no way, because there is no practical result from this sacred rite of democracy and it cannot be.

Let’s start with the fact that there are no personnel changes in the government, or almost none. This is “almost” of course important, after all, such a political mastodon as Tea Tsulukiani has been pushed away from the mission control center. Now she satisfies her political ego from the seat of a parliamentarian. It’s fun to watch, but nothing more. Otherwise, everything is the same. Real shifts within the government in Georgia do not occur as a result of elections or work in the government, and not even as a result of the struggle of groups within the government itself. The only driver for the change of power is Ivanishvili’s attitude to the actors and performers.

So the last change of power was in June 2018. There were no elections or cataclysms in Georgia that summer. The country was calmly going to the presidential elections, and even the candidacy of Salome Levanovna was not yet obvious at that time. But then an event of a different level took place, comrade Kvirikashvili lost confidence. Giorgi Dzhemalovich cost a lot of amicosity sessions with the American vice president and an ardent desire to build Lazika together with the TBC group. The disguise with the change of name did not work, because if an elephant is written on the cage with a tiger, and Anaklia began to speak instead of Lazika, no one would not believe their eyes. They can object to me, they say, how can this be, because Mamuka Bakhtadze, if anyone does not remember, was with us and such a prime minister was also replaced. And they were replaced against the background of a severe political crisis after the “Gavrilov Night”. But no, this was not a change of power. Kvirikashvili possessed some kind of center of power, his own people in important ministerial posts. He also had his own “sappos” among the deputy corps. Bakhtadze did not have such a center, just like the current Prime Minister, Giorgi Gakharia, by the way. By the way, Gakharia himself became prime minister only after and thanks to that. how it was politically multiplied by zero according to the results of the same “Gavrilov night”.

So, what do we have today. A government in which each of the ministers with political weight and a serious budget is directly tied to the founder, chairman, and so on of the “Georgian Dream”. The parliament, which the opposition categorically refuses to enter, refuses not because it does not want to. but because he understands that entering parliament without any compromise on the part of the authorities means ceasing to be an opposition for his voter. Moreover, the authorities quite deliberately do not compromise, realizing that any concession will be regarded as weakness, and this is worse than any one-party parliament. The socio-economic crisis, which was also quite deliberately aggravated by the authorities, since any loss from tax cuts on small and medium-sized businesses can be compensated for by aid and loans from overseas, but a “lack of response” to covid can lead to much more unpleasant consequences … The fact that this reaction is already absolutely useless is the tenth question and is not discussed. And there is no particular harm to your business from a lockdown, while the benefits of the ever-increasing loyalty from public sector employees are obvious.

And finally, the opposition, of course, can hope that the deepening of the general crisis in the country by spring will put the authorities in a very difficult position by the spring of next year. But here the authorities act on the principle of Scarlett O’Hara from Gone with the Wind – I’ll think about that tomorrow. They’ve always done that, so why change their principles this time?

Gela Vasadze, GSAC