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Christmas from childhood

Christmas from childhood

photo by Alexander Hamdar

Christmas always sends us back to childhood. Let’s start with Christmas, it just so happens that we have Christmas later than most Christians in the world. My attitude to this fact changed several times, at first I wildly did not like that December 25 is an ordinary day for us, while in the world there are Christmas holidays, holidays and so on. True, in childhood this was not particularly felt, after all, Easter has always been the main holiday of Eastern Christians, Christmas from childhood is associated with the taste of gwezeli (khachapuri with an egg), which my Gurian grandmother made amazingly. I understand that all Gurian grandmothers make excellent gwezels, but mine was especially tasty.

Then the celebration of Christmas on January 7 was perceived as a kind of indicator of selfhood, I remember at one of the conferences a Serb asked me – when are you celebrating Christmas? I answered the seventh, to which he laughed and said – we too. Now I think it doesn’t matter. The holiday is a holiday, so it is not a sin to celebrate it both on December 25 and January 7. Moreover, those Orthodox Christians who switched to the Gregorian calendar today have a feast of the Epiphany, with which I congratulate them. Moreover, this is a nice natural limitation of Christmas holidays twenty-five through seven. But the old new year is certainly an oxymoron, although who likes it. let them celebrate. In general, there should be a place for a holiday in life.

The second piece of news also refers to childhood. Let’s imagine that in the second half of the eighties we learn, at least by the Voice of America, at least by the Time program, that the Georgian was awarded the Order of the Legion of Honor. But it would be this – pride and joy would overwhelm the hearts of the majority of the inhabitants of Georgia, and how much would be drunk for this, what toasts would be pronounced. We had a very large, almost all-encompassing collective perception of reality, “we” was then a very important concept. Well, France is not a foreign country for our generation, we grew up on French literature, history, football and cinema. Dumas, Hugo, Druon, Belmondo, Delon, Gabin, Noiret, Platini, Tresor, Rocheto – you cannot name them all. Now everything is different, well, you understand me. In fact, this is not good and not bad, it just is.

I don’t want to write about what happened in Washington. And not only because it is bad, bad, that people have died, bad, that the situation has reached such a point, bad from all sides, from where you do not look. And again, the memory refers to childhood, when through the noise of jammers every morning in our Batumi apartment broke through – “You are listening to the Voice of America from Washington. The Voice of America views reflect the views of the United States government. ” Any political views are also a kind of religion, belief in ideals. Liberal democracy is no exception here, and the broadcasts of the Voice of America, as well as other “enemy” radio stations, for me it was Radio Canada and Deutsche Welle, were the preaching of this religion. By preaching faith in the justice of Churchill’s words that democracy is a bad social order, but nothing better has been invented yet. And after all, Sir Winston was right, and if earlier there was an understanding of only the second part of his famous phrase, then over time you come to understand the first.

Gela Vasadze, GSAC