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Power! Where are you going?

Power! Where are you going?

Instead of New Year’s greetings

The new year has come, everyone is evaluating 2020 and making some predictions for 2021. Well, I will also contribute my “3 kopecks” on this topic. So, let’s sum up the results of the political 2020 in Georgia.

A year of missed opportunities

I think 2020 was a year of missed opportunities and a defeat for democracy.

As a result, the not very democratic and not very fair parliamentary elections, the opposition refused to take their seats in parliament and began a boycott of the work of the country’s legislative body, which continues to this day.

After all, no one seriously believes that the entry into parliament of four representatives of the Alliance of Patriots is a victory for the Georgian Dream, which means breaking the boycott of the opposition. For me, and I think that not only for me, this is just an imitation of the work of a “multi-party parliament”, nothing more.

The dialogue between the leaders of the “Georgian Dream” with the opposition was more like blackmail in an inadequate and uncivilized form. It is clear that the angry and insulted opposition refused such an agreement. The four rounds of negotiations organized by international facilitators did not work either.

The persistence of the parties did not allow the resolution of this political conflict in 2020. And it seems to me that this is a “time bomb” that (if not immediately defused) could most likely explode in 2021. The effect of this explosion can be very disastrous for the Georgian political scene and society as a whole. But there is still a chance and time to prevent such a scenario.


The ruling party must find the strength, wisdom and desire to meet not so much the wishes of the opposition, but rather its own people. If I had to look for comparison, I would like to compare the current situation with the situation in the family.

Power is the parents. And the opposition is a spoiled, very spoiled child or teenager who himself does not fully know what and what he wants from life. Parents need to be patient and understanding in order to communicate with their “kid”. I understand that it is not easy to conduct such a dialogue. But you have to. As the classic said: “We need Fedya, we need …”. Unfortunately, I did not see the authorities’ readiness for dialogue and concessions. Instead, I saw stubbornness, arrogance, and an inadequate approach.

Can the street handle the current crisis?

The current political crisis may exacerbate problems in the economic sphere as early as spring. The frustration and uncertainty of tomorrow is deepening in society. Unemployment is on the rise. People’s incomes are falling. Georgia is losing its investment attractiveness. Inflation is growing, production is declining, the devaluation of the national currency is taking place, which affects the cost of goods. The prices of goods and energy resources are rising. Discontent is ripening in society, which can very soon spill over into the street. And the street is unpredictable. It seems that the authorities, disliking the opposition, are only afraid of the streets. People have questions: How to feed themselves and buy medicine if it is forbidden to work and move around? How to survive when the state does not allow doing business? There are more and more questions. And there are no answers. Part of the opposition does not even hide that now it is making a decisive stake on the aggravation of social problems. So far, the opposition has not managed to gather the required mass of protesters. But the situation can change in spring or summer in an instant …

What about the authorities?

Instead of seriously tackling the vital problems of its citizens, the parliament took up the issues of amnesty, the termination (only for some) of the deputies of their parliamentary powers or the adoption of a “foreign policy resolution”.

I am not saying that these issues do not matter for the life of the country, of course they are. I just think that today, at the moment, there are things that are much more important and requiring immediate decisions than those mentioned above.

And if the government neglects the affairs of its citizens, it will have to face an outbreak of public discontent in the near future. I am against the revolution, against the barricades and tents in the streets. The new revolution will bring only chaos and destabilization to Georgia. Georgia may not survive this or will survive with very large losses. And I hope that no one in Georgia wants this. Therefore, the only solution is to find a constructive solution through a dialogue between the authorities and the opposition.

As the classic said, compromise is the art of dividing the cake in such a way that each party thinks they are getting the biggest piece.

I believe in the wisdom of the Georgian political elites!

In conclusion, let me say a few kind words. The positive is necessary.

I would like to wish the representatives of the political elite of Georgia, both from the government camp and from the opposition, that in the coming New Year 2021 they will find wisdom and strength to overcome mutual hostility, misunderstandings and rise above their own ambitions, party and personal interests in order to achieve a mutually beneficial solution current problems. Do not forget, you all have only one Georgia. Take care of it for yourself and future generations.

2020 is the year of the bull. So take the bull by the horns.

Happy New Year!

P.S. In any democratic country, the way out of the political crisis is early elections … This is not an appeal. This is true. Food for thought …

Andrzej Klimczyk, GSAC