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What they write in Georgia about what happened yesterday in the US Congress

What they write in Georgia about what happened yesterday in the US Congress

Georgian experts and just social media users about yesterday’s events in the US Congress

What is impossible in America is unacceptable wherever there is democracy, or at least, democracy is imitated, as we do. That is, revolution is unacceptable as a way to change government. So it’s time for the dreamers to stop intimidating the people with the revolution. And the opposition must completely reconsider its role in the new, globally changed political reality with the need for new forms of relations with the people. And yes, nobody canceled the form of peaceful mass protest.

Khatuna Lagazidze

But I think that everything could have ended much worse in the USA. So we rebounded well.

Tornike Sharashenidze

A sad end to Trump’s “unusual” four-year presidency. What conclusions can be drawn from yesterday’s events:

  1. Violence is unacceptable!
    2.All leaders must be ready to relinquish power and transfer it peacefully!
    3.Having developed state institutions and democracy is the key to success! This is what saved America yesterday, which has built these institutions for centuries.
    4.When making a choice, the voter must think carefully and only then decide who to elect, whom to present to the country. Especially in a country like ours, where both institutions and democracy are at a low level of development.

Sergo Chikhladze

Of course, our country is important. It’s just that our opposition is afraid to take a step without the approval of the states and Europe, their ambassadors, their establishment, their recommendations. Where would we be if we had listened to them in 2003? I am most worried about the attitude towards democratic and free elections, both in the United States and in Georgia. For some politicians, the precedent of refusal in lawsuits for falsification of elections in the United States is a direct guide to action, “Oh, it turned out that it was possible. Then everything is okay with us! We cannot influence the processes in the States, but we are obliged to develop immunity to these phenomena for ourselves, assessing the situation adequately, without double and triple standards.

Irakli Dartsmelia

The Democrats will control the Senate too!
Georgia has decided the fate of the elections!
The clownery is over!
And Georgia will win soon!

Eliso Kiladze

It’s funny how shovels of all stripes are satiated by the fact that the American people are not ready to put up with Nazism, raising their heads in the face of Biden and Harris. The Soviets really think that the Americans will easily give up freedom and the future for stability and warm decay with a racket-controlled left bastard.

Avigdor Jardeni

Will the USA be the same as they were?
So will the world be the same as it used to be under US leadership?
Will the myth of American uniqueness survive and did it end last night? Will the United States be able to find the strength and continue to model American superiority?
Trump is over, but is Trumpism over? Is radicalism over? What inspired Trumpism? He fell from the sky, are there any reasons that caused resentment and anger among a large part of Americans? Will the United States be able to regain the international position that Trump lost in 4 years? What will happen to the Republican Party? Will Trump accept this? Will the USA remain the leader of the free world?
In any case, we must take care of ourselves. With great pragmatism.

Gia Japaridze

I do not want to exaggerate, I can only imagine how yesterday’s sad events will affect America and the world. I have no doubt about one thing: yesterday’s victims will be used by the dictators of the post-Soviet countries as an “excuse”, any protest in front of state buildings can now be called an “invasion attempt”. They will say that the situation has worsened, the protesters have been blamed, and they will not stop at the victims. Then call them usurpers and tyrants as much as you like.

Mamuka Gamkrelidze

God bless America!


Teona Akubardia