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Scandal with audio recordings. Social media reaction

Scandal with audio recordings. Social media reaction

All yesterday, everyone was commenting on the evening announcement of the TV Pirveli program “Saturday Nodar Meladze” with a scandalous recording of a telephone conversation with the participation of the son of the main Georgian oligarch Bidzina Ivanishvili. There was a recording in TV Pirveli, during which the punishment of a schoolchild who left a negative comment on Bera Ivanishvili’s Facebook page was discussed. Well, the plot is out. Tbilisi Live

There is nothing new in hidden recordings and their use for political purposes, for us there is not and cannot be. Exactly in the same way as we are accustomed to the video frames of the personal life of the participants in the political process. By the way, in general it is not punishable. We also did not learn anything new about our inadequate authorities from the new records. But, the appearance of such materials, based on the experience of the past, is a sure sign of a sprawling system. If we fail to stop this vicious practice for the third time and bring adequate people to power, we will have to circle this vicious circle for a long time.

Teona Akubardia, GSAC

Mentally unhealthy, evil maniacs and their minions, who are sick no less than their masters, run the country. This cannot continue! “Persecution” of people, intimidation and physical violence are unacceptable!

Sergo Chikhladze, Strategy Aghmashenebeli

What difference does it make when the recordings were made?

Tengiz Pkhaladze, International Center for Geopolitical Research of Georgia

On June 20, everything ended better than it could have been. What kind of plebiscite can there be a conversation with them?

Khatuna Lagazidze, GSAC

The words spoken by Khatuna Lagazidze on the air of the Caucasus TV company in response to the post of Charles Michel – I went to Georgia and the veil fell from my eyes, turned out to be prophetic. Then Khatuna said that she was not fully asleep.

Gocha Mirtskhulava, journalist

The release of all political prisoners, the resignation of Irakli Garibashvili and early elections are the only way out for the Georgian Dream to get out of this situation with dignity. without any plebiscites and dances with tambourines. But they, of course, will not do this and will have to fight, nothing can be done.

Levan Gakheladze, journalist

After yesterday’s history in a normal country, the prime minister and the entire cabinet would have resigned, the investigating authorities would start an investigation, and people would take to the streets. Am I expecting something like this with us? no, I’m not waiting. We will now start throwing mud from both sides, and in two days they will forget. Do you know why? In the skull of the unfortunate homo soveticus, what happened finds a quite harmonious explanation: “Kent is in power, and some goat is rolling a barrel at him. And why does he need power. If he can’t even punish this goat.”

Call people with similar thoughts whatever you want, you want homo soveticus, you want scoops, you want someone else, it doesn’t matter. Another thing is important – alas, we have such people in the majority.

Yes, the alignment changes from day to day, in the young generation, normal people already prevail, but socially active people are fleeing the country, and the government of the Dream contributes to this in every possible way.

But, I still do not lose hope and I see it in these young people!

Mamuka Gamkrelidze, politician

relatable situation

Irakli Oragvelidze, journalist