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Sergey Naryshkin about Georgia and not only

Sergey Naryshkin about Georgia and not only

We had Naryshkin’s statement about Georgia. I have no questions about the content and style, a chased bureaucratic clerical style, without grammatical errors and unnecessary maxims. The main question is why Naryshkin (Vladimir Vladimirovich loves to surround himself with the Naryshkins, Shuvalovs, Rotenberg, why I remember the latter I do not understand). Such a statement would be more suitable for Maria Zakharova, well, purely from an aesthetic point of view. And then bam – Naryshkin.

So, Sergei Evgenievich is a very difficult comrade. After all, a first-class state adviser, a fighter against the falsifiers of history and a person who graduated with a gold medal from a school with an artistic and aesthetic bias. But even this is not the main thing, today Sergey Naryshkin is the main Stirlitz of Russia, and something tells me that Stirlitz in seventeen moments of this spring can be ordered to survive.

The last time I enjoyed the epistolary genre of Sergei Evgenievich was during the second Karabakh. Then he responded to the mutual accusations of the Armenian and Azerbaijani sides – “you are terrorists, no, you are terrorists”, in the spirit – “enough to argue, hot Caucasian guys, both of you are terrorists, and remember – we appoint terrorists here.” The letter about us is not as funny as about our neighbors – who is not aware of the activities of the Washington Regional Committee in our Palestinians. Our reaction of the parties is much more fun. Those who are for the opposition – well, you saw it, you saw it !!! (TV channel Mtavari)

Those who are in favor of power are another proof that Moscow is playing up to the opposition and substituting the power (Imedi TV channel)

Now the questions:

  1. Did the Prime Minister meet with the US Ambassador before or after the announcement became known?
  2. What specific American demands is the Georgian Dream evading? Am I missing something or does Naryshkin know something?
  3. When do the Americans plan to start systematic work to support the opposition and at the same time undermine the positions of the Georgian Dream? Where can you get your share?
  4. What kind of European partners are the Americans setting up partners to support the opposition?
  5. What American instructions should the Georgian authorities follow so that they are left behind and not disturbed?
    And finally, the main question, I bring it up separately – why, after such a statement by the head of the special service, one of the tasks of which is to conduct special operations abroad, the Security Council has not been convened, there is no statement by the Prime Minister, there is no appeal to partner countries, there is no special session of parliament at which the head of state security and the head of the foreign ministry would have been heard on the question of the reaction to this miracle, no … Why, we have it. where you will not rush, there is nothing.

Gela Vasadze, GSAC