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Time to remember and act

Time to remember and act

It is difficult not to fall into a deep depression when the country is plunged into an abyss and the government acts as if it does not concern them at all … when Georgian politicians cannot sit at the table to find a compromise solution and when our “reconciliation” becomes a headache for Brussels and Washington. But the energy and resources of our Western partners in the light of the dramatic situation in the region could help us solve problems that are much more important for Georgia. It is hard not to be completely disappointed when a country’s economic downturn is in double digits; small and medium-sized businesses on the verge of collapse; the economy of an already extremely poor country is doomed to collapse, and more than a million people are doomed to poverty and hunger. And the government, instead of working, constantly talks about the bloody 9 years and about some barrels.

The corrosion inside Dreams has by no means ended the war in Georgian politics, this war is entering a new phase through the duplication of secret records, discrediting and filth. It’s hard to stay calm when the coronavirus is killing more than 3,500 people in the country, and the government does not hesitate to compare itself to Israel and shamelessly declare that it is fighting Covid better than anyone else. And that’s when monkeys are vaccinated at the San Diego Zoo. When in Uganda, Congo, Burkina Faso and many other countries, the existence of which we did not even suspect until now, vaccination is already in full swing. The Dream Government sometimes complains about Pfizer, sometimes about the Kovacs platform. And God knows when we have the vaccine. It is hard not to despair when a 13-year-old child gives birth to a 50-year-old man and a 14-year-old girl commits suicide … system. They are indifferent and powerless, and sometimes even contribute to all this.

But why be surprised? Are we not that country, the Minister of Education against the background of mass degradation and illiteracy, talks about the need to create a space agency? Are we not a country where the main function of the teacher is to distribute the election campaign materials of the ruling party, and the list of school subjects and the content of textbooks are dubious religious groups with fanatical views. We have many other reasons to become completely hopeless and say that we can no longer: we have not built a state, we have not become a nation, we cannot talk to each other and we can no longer listen to the advice of friends. And then, perhaps, Russia will save us again, accept us and return to us that good old function that requires neither intelligence and education, nor labor and hard work, nor courage, and most importantly, does not require responsibility. It will return us the function of a clown, a dancer and a Georgian singer, and again make Georgia wine and khachapuri without cheese diluted with water, as a bonus, give it to Sputnik V and we will live “happily” ….

However, if the state does not remember, then you and I must remember that today is the birthday of Zhiuli Shartava. He would have turned 77 years old, 77 years have passed since the birth of a person since the birth of a person who managed to become a national hero of Georgia from a typical representative of the Soviet generation and ended his life in such a way that many historical figures and even saints would envy him. Patriarch Ilya II recalls an amazing story: a few months after the fall of Sukhumi, on a postcard addressed to the patriarch, written in Russian by an unknown author, the following words were written: “We did not know who we were shooting at, but everyone was surprised by their resilience and love. to the homeland and fearlessness of this person: “And if there is at least one such person in Georgia, this country will withstand any trials.” The one who wrote these words is a man who fought on the side of the enemy, and who witnessed the tragedy, and possibly personally participated in the torture of Shartav and his friends. Zhiuli Shartava would have turned 77 today, I will not repeat it for pathos, I just want those who are disappointed and self-doubting to realize that this person is not from the distant past, which we know about from history books, he was our contemporary, he lived among us … And he is an amazing example of responsibility to the people for us. During the fall of Sukhumi, he did not leave his city, faced a cruel enemy and actually sacrificed himself along with his comrades. Thus, in the realities of modern Georgia, a very high level of political responsibility, dignity and courage is established …

Today is the birthday of Zhiuli Shartava, statesman and politician who deservedly received the title of National Hero of Georgia. It is clear that we cannot demand heroism from everyone who goes into politics, but there are minimum standards that politicians need to meet in order to be statesmen.

Giorgi Targamadze, author’s program Droeba on Formula TV