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Turn off the light…

Turn off the light…

It happened with us OMV, it so happened that I heard about the signing of an agreement for the exploration and production of oil and gas on the Black Sea shelf in the news release of the Imedi TV company.

A solid European company with vast experience and authority, rich history and experienced specialists. Listening to all this, I could not help but have a feeling of pride for the country, still, when such an office is interested in us, it means that we are worth something. I don’t know about the cost, but about the company, as a famous king of the Jews, I have a lot of knowledge, a lot of sadness. And of course google is to blame. Without this google itself, I would not have been able to type the combination OMV + Gazprom, press a button and get the result – More than 80% of OMV is a business with Gazprom in Europe, they are the largest suppliers of Gazprom in Europe, and in the Nord Stream 2 project too take part, but how could it be otherwise. What’s wrong with that, you ask. Nothing, only on the shelf in Abkhazia Rosneft performs the same task. Will there be a conflict of interest? By the way, I am in vain sinning on google, there would be no google, it would be yahoo or yandex at worst. So the internet is to blame.

We go further, less than a day has passed, and the head of the Foreign Intelligence Service of Russia managed to become a serious factor in the internal politics of Georgia. Lasha Bregvadze, who knows from personal experience how the special services work, shared his thoughts on this matter – Possible consequences of Naryshkin’s statement. I will not say that I agree with everything in Lasha’s analytics, for example, BI can be happy with a new reincarnation in the politics of Georgy Gakharia only if he decided to completely merge from the Georgian political field. Until this is clearly not observed, Ivanishvili tenaciously holds all the threads of control with his handles and is not going to give them to anyone. And one more important nuance, when we talk about the fact that Gakharia is a figure that, in a certain situation, can suit the Russians, you need to understand well that we can talk about the fact that it can be comfortable to negotiate with Gakharia on cases like the OMV case. maybe even more comfortable than with Ivanishvili. But nothing more, although given the nature of the current Russian government, this is the most important thing for them.

As for Naryshkin, there are a couple of such statements, and he himself can go into Georgian politics. Well, what’s wrong with that, it’s hard to imagine the best person for promoting Russian interests in Georgia. In connection with this statement, Tornike Sharashenidze even managed to regret the Dream – If someone suffered from this in the internal political struggle, it is, first of all, the “Georgian Dream”. Are the Russians so stupid as not to realize that such open statements would harm them if their client is Georgian Dream ?, he said in a commentary to Echo Kavkaza.

And so it is so, but there is a nuance. Firstly, of course they are not stupid, just there may be a chain from the series “you know that I know. What you know”, that is, suggesting a reaction similar to the one Tornike said about was as easy as shelling pears. And second, which is much more important, Naryshkin turned to the grateful viewers on the other side of the Big Puddle, and who there thought what interested him in the last turn. Ultimately, the problems of the Indians are the problems of the Indians.

And to top it all off, the lights went out in the European Parliament during the discussion of the issue of Georgia. I don’t know how often they have this and whether MEPs are familiar with the famous phrase – turn off the light, which, by the way, has a continuation – throw a grenade. But it’s still cool.

Gela Vasadze, GSAC